Shirley Robinson

I found that I could probably convince some of the men better than I could convince some of the women. That may sound strange but women are their (own) worst enemies.

Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired 1984 ) Shirley Robinson has devoted a significant part of her life to improving and enhancing the role and opportunities of women within the Canadian Armed Forces. During a 30-year military career, she was an active advocate of women’s equality in employment and conditions of military service.

United by a firm commitment to the advancement of career opportunities for women in the military, Lt. Retired Col. Robinson, Maude Barlow, Adelle Karmas, Suzanne Simpson officially established the AWECF – Association for Women’s Equity in the Canadian Forces in 1985.

There were people who supported the advancement of women in the military certainly, probably most military women would support it but they wouldn’t come out and say so publically you know? And they weren’t going to say it where any of their superiors could hear it – but saying it and doing something about it is two different things.

In 1992 Shirley was the recipient of the the Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case to recognize outstanding contributions to the quality of life of women in Canada.

Senior women leaders certainly should be supporting the total integration of women and making sure that the women are not being harassed and are not being unfairly treated. That goes with any leader, male or female. But the onus is definitely on women military leaders.

Shirley Robinson currently lives in Gloucester, Ontario.