A fantastic few weeks!

What a fantastic few weeks for Sisters in Arms!

From the UN in NYC to another great screening in Vancouver (Women in Film Festival) on to the International Women’s Day celebrations at the Department of National Defense in Ottawa and wrapping up at the Royal Military College in Kingston.

We were so fortunate to have both Tamar and Katie attend in Kingston.  Its the first time 2 of the main subjects have been on the panel and the audience couldn’t get enough of them.  Theory trumps  first hand experience and their reflections as women in combat resonated in a special and very real way the with the young cadets in the audience.

It was inspiring to be surrounded by people who connect with the Sisters in Arms stories because of their own experiences  in combat; sending a loved off to fight;  struggling for respect; or suffering form loss, that made these events exceptionally rewarding.

To quote Acting Sub-Lieutenant Mary Dahl :

“As a military spouse and a female Officer in the CF, I also thank you for your courage in taking on a subject that can invoke emotions at both extremes. I thank you for presenting a perspective that tries to reconcile the soldier with the female and introduces a dialogue that empowers the two rather than seek to sacrifice one for the other.”

Once again, a lively discussion ensued after the screening and continues…..

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