Tamar Freeman

TAMAR lav photo
It’s not often as a soldier that you really, truly get to make a difference, not just in your neighbourhood but in your global neighbourhood, where what you do really matters. But as a soldier, in the bigger picture it’s been very rewarding to me to be part of a group that did what I think helped to contribute to the stability of another country, to help another country get out of the situation they’re in, in whatever small way that it’s done.

Inspired by the images of her father as a pilot trainee in the Canadian Air Force during WWII, Tamar spent 12 years in the reserves. She joined the regular forces for job security and the opportunity to travel. Just a year into her full time military career, Tamar was surprised to learn she would be heading to Afghanistan. Both nervous and excited, she put on a brave face for her terrified family and focused on her training.

Tamar’s experiences in Afghanistan were shocking and life changing but she believes she made a difference.

She is currently based at CFB Borden, Ontario.